Laura Marques, Ph.D.

Laura Marques, Ph.D.

Laura Marques, Ph.D. is a child and adolescent psychologist licensed in Texas, Louisiana and as a PsyPact psychologist. She provides psychoeducational and psychological assessments using a neurodiversity affirming and trauma-informed approach. Her assessments incorporate the ways in which personal, family, school, and community strengths can be used to support youth and families.  She specializes in evaluating twice exceptional youth who present with giftedness and disability, as well as those who present with the less obvious presentation of Autism. Her experiences include implementing evidence-based and culturally sustaining practices in both school and therapeutic settings for youth with complex mental health needs. Dr. Marques' expertise includes assessing for Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, and or Trauma-related Disorders. Dr. Marques also provides consultation regarding treatment planning and educational supports.

Dr. Marques earned her Doctoral degree in School Psychology from Tulane University. She completed an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Virginia Beach City Public Schools, and then a post-doctoral fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychology at Tulane University School of Medicine. As an assistant professor in the Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, she served as a clinician and Clinical Director of the Center for Resilience elementary program in New Orleans, LA. She currently holds a faculty appointment at Tulane University School of Medicine and serves as faculty for the Tulane Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program.  In addition to working directly with youth and families, Dr. Marques has a passion for sharing strategies and tools to build trauma-informed organizations that promote well-being among professionals working with youth.

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