Julia Clark, Ph.D.

Julia Clark, Ph.D.

Dr. Julia Clark is a licensed clinical psychologist who offers comprehensive psychoeducational and psychological evaluations, including neuropsychological testing, for children, adolescents, and adults. She prioritizes providing affirming, compassionate, individualized, evidence-based services. She focuses on understanding the nuances of an individual’s profile of strengths and areas of challenge to ensure the client receives helpful, practical recommendations to assist in the home, school, work, and social settings.

Dr. Clark has worked across a range of settings, client ages, and presenting concerns throughout her years as a clinician. She particularly enjoys working with diagnostically complex individuals and providing comprehensive evaluations that examine cognitive abilities, attention and executive functioning, and psychosocial and emotional behaviors. Areas of focus include: learning differences, attentional challenges, social functioning (including autism spectrum behaviors), school difficulty, trauma, and psychological challenges (e.g., depression, bipolar, personality, anxiety).

Dr. Clark received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Whitman College, graduating summa cum laude and with honors in major. After working as a research assistant at Stanford University, she attended graduate school, earning her doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus on child psychology. She completed two years of postdoctoral fellowship at Morrissey-Compton Educational Center in California, where she received extensive training in comprehensive psychoeducational and psychological assessments. During her postdoc, she participated in 504 and IEP meetings. Dr. Clark also has provided evaluations for children in DFPS custody, clients hospitalized for psychiatric concerns, clients pursuing IEEs, and pediatric patients in consult with their pediatrician.

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